More led by the Spirit

God has blessed me. I have been living in Rogers, Arkansas for the past three months. Open doors by the Lord. I am blessed to have the Lord provide and guide me with a Godly On Spirit Fire woman, Brandie. Got married Labor Day weekend. The summer spent in Texas was not in vain. It was a season of growth and servant hood.  I am blessed to have been apart of Teen Challenge and pray for the ministry daily. TC is solidly Christian and is worthy of prayer and financial support by the Christian body.

I am still seeking the Lord in all areas of my life. I have a temporary job till the Lord leads elsewhere. Have made great Christian friends. Super nice to be closer to my family as well.

I am always excited to be flexible to the Lord’s leading.  My prayer life has increased. Not trying to toot my horn, just want to share with my friends, family, and brothers and sisters in the Lord how Jesus has been shaping me and teaching me. Yes I still do Gospel tracts.(Tractman is still apart of who God made me after having a radical repentant transformation by the Spirit of the Lord in July 2008 in a work storage closet that was temporarily my dwelling.) I thank the Lord for allowing me to have my desert experience(or maybe more of a Smoky Mountain Experience) which allowed the Lord to expose who I currently was(a fence walking religious guy with his feet in the world) and what he has been transforming me into Christlikeness. Thank you to Calvary Chapel Knoxville, Townsend Church of God, Calvary Chapel Weatherford, and now to the body of believers in Rogers, Arkansas.

I will be having a new phone number soon. Facebook message me if you need it. I also will provide my mailing address as well.

Hopefully, I will have some more time to share what I am being taught by the Lord on these posts.


About Robert Moss

Christian on fire for the Lord. Now living in Rogers, Arkansas.
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