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Three Things

http://bible.com/114/mic.6.8.nkjv He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God?

The Lord has been very merciful and gracious to me. The God of many chances has very simply share three things for me to do in his strength. Micah 6:8  breaks it down in how I treat others and in  my relationship with Him.
Religion leaves you on your own and with prideful striving. Relationship with Jesus places emphasis on loving Him which extends to love others. Agape love(God love) comes from God himself. It takes the pressure off me.
When he lives in and thru me, I will learn to be honorable, merciful, and loving. These three things comes from abiding in Jesus (John 15).

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Where is the Modern day Amos?


Amos 1:1 (NKJV) 1  The words of Amos, who was among the sheepbreeders of Tekoa, which he saw concerning Israel in the days of Uzziah king of Judah, and in the days of Jeroboam the son of Joash, king of Israel, two years before the earthquake.

Amos was a poor country boy. He had a relationship with the Lord. It was through this man, God spoke of the coming judgment to the divided Kingdom of Israel. The Lord has the authority to chose whomever he desires to bring His message to the people. 

People put their trust in their prosperity and accumulation rather than the Lord. The people had a reverse “Robin Hood” mentality, rob from the poor so they could be rich. They played church, but the Lord saw through the religiosity. The people only went to church to show off how much they would give to the House of the Lord. They had no respect for the true message and the messengers the Lord sent. As long as someone at the Temple told them “pleasant things” and did not offend them, they felt justified and would keep the church bankrolled. When Amos told them the truth and what was to come, they balked and had no respect for the prophet of the Lord.

Amos hearing from the Lord would give great detail to everyone’s sins and would deliver the judgment based result.  Yet, the Lord always provides a way for the people to come back to Him, “Seek Me and Live.”  God was attempting to make the point of the people having a relationship with Him rather than based only on rituals.

The book of Amos carries a strong message for those in his time and even in our time. Our nation has played “keeping up with the Joneses” via the “American Dream” of prosperity. The poor in America have been kept poor by keeping them in perpetual social unfair status via poorly ran government programs, keeping the poor in a never ending cycle of high interest payday loans, and the pure meanness of worldly people.  Worldly people may feel the need to have “religion” but without Jesus. Just as long as they can find a religious center that tells them what they want to hear, they will throw cash to the religious center to provide false sense of spiritual security.(Modern day analogy: Buying their way into Heaven.) 

Our country will face the same consequences as the people of Amos’s time. Judgment will fall on our country can derive from many possibilities. (economically, outside military attack, more increasingly major natural disasters, and the list could go on.)

The Lord is looking for ordinary men and women with a love for the Lord and a love for people to deliver His Word to our nation so spiritually sick the nation’s people do not realize they are spiritually sick. The nation need to be told unless they repent and put their faith in Jesus. Also, Christian believers need to continue setting the example for our nation in caring for the less fortunate. If the rich may not listen to  God’s Word maybe through the ministering to the “least of these”  a people will be brought to faith and repentance.




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Spiritual Training

Many have made New Years resolutions to get back in to physical shape. How long they will stick with the program depends on their commitment. As Christians, are we continually in “Spiritual Training”?  Allowing the Lord to grow us through time in the Word, time in prayer, time in Christian fellowship, and time in Christian service will help us for the duration of our lives.

If we spend as much time in exercising our spiritual muscles as we do in other activities, we should be growing. We all grow at different levels, so don’t compare yourself to others. The Lord has you on his timetable. He has the right training program for you. Take time with the Lord, as he is our trainer, growth will take place. Be willing to be flexible on spiritual areas requiring more focus. What areas do you need to focus?


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God’s Never Failing Love

Sermon Jam

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The cost of following Jesus


Acts 5:41 (NKJV)
41  “So they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted
worthy to suffer shame for His name. “



Living as a believer in the public may not always win friends or gain approval from those in authority. Quite the opposite could happen. As it appears, it seems American Christians will one day experience what we hear about in closed countries and God’s Word. Many talk about a great revival in America. I would love to see this happen, yet maybe the best thing to happen to Christians in America is to go under the heavy hand of Christian resistance. When resistance occurs, growth occurs.

When the disciples endured opposition to their beliefs, they did not cry about it. They rejoiced.  Can you rejoice when the times comes for you to stand before rulers or authorities concerning your faith? Even in the face of dying for being a Jesus follower?  Only by the Spirit’s help can we stand for our faith and rejoice when we suffer for being a Christ follower.

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More led by the Spirit

God has blessed me. I have been living in Rogers, Arkansas for the past three months. Open doors by the Lord. I am blessed to have the Lord provide and guide me with a Godly On Spirit Fire woman, Brandie. Got married Labor Day weekend. The summer spent in Texas was not in vain. It was a season of growth and servant hood.  I am blessed to have been apart of Teen Challenge and pray for the ministry daily. TC is solidly Christian and is worthy of prayer and financial support by the Christian body.

I am still seeking the Lord in all areas of my life. I have a temporary job till the Lord leads elsewhere. Have made great Christian friends. Super nice to be closer to my family as well.

I am always excited to be flexible to the Lord’s leading.  My prayer life has increased. Not trying to toot my horn, just want to share with my friends, family, and brothers and sisters in the Lord how Jesus has been shaping me and teaching me. Yes I still do Gospel tracts.(Tractman is still apart of who God made me after having a radical repentant transformation by the Spirit of the Lord in July 2008 in a work storage closet that was temporarily my dwelling.) I thank the Lord for allowing me to have my desert experience(or maybe more of a Smoky Mountain Experience) which allowed the Lord to expose who I currently was(a fence walking religious guy with his feet in the world) and what he has been transforming me into Christlikeness. Thank you to Calvary Chapel Knoxville, Townsend Church of God, Calvary Chapel Weatherford, and now to the body of believers in Rogers, Arkansas.

I will be having a new phone number soon. Facebook message me if you need it. I also will provide my mailing address as well.

Hopefully, I will have some more time to share what I am being taught by the Lord on these posts.

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